Introducing Cembrit: Through Colour Fibre Cement

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Fibre cement cladding is a long-standing solution of choice for savvy architects and designers due to its durability, fire performance and maintenance-free benefits. It’s aesthetic also offers a unique and natural concrete look for contemporary buildings that designers love.

What is through colour fibre cement?

Fibre-reinforced cement is an attractive, resilient construction material that’s ideal for all kinds of exterior and interior protective surfaces. The inclusion of meticulously researched, carefully engineered polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and specially selected cellulose fibres into the cement-based material provides a unique combination of lightness, technical performance and exceptional strength. When colour is added, it makes the surface colour flow through the panel’s core, making it perfect for seamless edging and cut-outs.

Introducing Cembrit

Atkar Group are excited to introduce Cembrit into the Australian market. As one of the leading manufacturers of through colour fibre cement façade systems in Europe, they are known for delivering a superior and beautiful product.

With two unique finishes, Patina and Solid, Cembrit can be used as external cladding or as an internal lining, providing the raw and natural characteristics of cement with a smooth or lightly sanded texture.

Cembrit Patina – natural surface

With a beautiful and natural coloured surface, Patina boards have a raw textured look and feel. The natural ageing of the fibre cement leaves subtle changes on the surface, and the façade will gradually acquire a distinctive ‘patina’ over time.

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Cembrit Solid – Painted Surface

With a full-coverage painted surface that is smooth to touch, Solid boards also have the same colour all the way through, which means every surface, edge and cut-out will feature the same colour.

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Why Choose Through- Colour FC?

  • Durability

Because of its excellent fibre cements properties, Cembrit does not rot, crack, warp or require repainting. The typical long service life of fibre cement gives maximum resistance to exterior exposure that is backed by Cembrit’s 10 year warranty.

  • Fire performance

As a non-combustible material, Cembrit meets stringent industry compliance requirements and can be used where non-combustible materials are required in accordance with C1.9(e)(v) of BCA. Cembrit is also fire tested to EN13501-1 (reaction to fire): classification A2-s1,d0.

  • Design aesthetics

Do you to want a solution that has a natural ‘patina’ effect with a velvet texture – or would you like a smooth surface with a solid paint finish and clean lines? Cembrit’s unique finishes cater for different design requirements and can be cut-to-size.

  • Stylish colour range

With 5 standard colours to choose from in each range, Cembrit Patina offers a natural coloured surface, whereas Cembrit Solid is a full-coverage painted surface. Desire something more colourful? Custom colours are also available, and you can mix and match for a chequered effect.

  • Easy to install

Cembrit panels are pre-finished and lightweight, making it well suited to the demands of fast construction. Face fix to a proprietary top hat framing system with colour matched fixing screws to ensure a seamless result.


Combining style and functionality, Cembrit through colour fibre cement facades are the superior solution. Atkar Group are proud to be a key distribution partner of this premium range.

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