Building material trends to watch in 2017

This year, we expect building materials to be characterised more than ever by the coming together of aesthetics and functionality. At Atkar, we’re working to make sure that as buyer preferences evolve, so too does our product range in 2017.

When it comes to our architectural customers, we know that they are on the hunt for attributes, functionality and aesthetic appeal at a design level. For contractors and builders, we understand the need for cost and time saving materials which are fast to install, functional, long-life and low maintenance.

These requirements, in combination with aesthetically pleasing creativity and practical functionality, are set to drive the direction of building materials in the year ahead.

For example, we’re seeing emerging markets where metal products are being made to look like wood, but offer the added benefits of aluminium. The amalgamation of two opposing materials provides benefits that other products do not, and boasts unique looks and installation techniques. This dual-material trend demonstrates the major role that technological advancements play in the market as competing products attempt to provide the benefits of one product, while combining the functionality of another.

Alongside these advancements, the pursuit of creativity remains strong this year with an increased market demand for more creative facades on both residential and commercial projects. We see this trend happening by way of adding complexity and detail by using multiple cladding options in the one façade.

There is a demand for building materials that invite creativity and complexity to exist alongside clients’ preferences for products without maintenance. With clients opting for longer-life, low maintenance timber composites over traditional timber products, the forecast is that composite timber products and wood plastic composites will continue to be a growing market due to their low-upkeep selling point. Recognising the increasing call for innovative low maintenance products, we’re currently working to secure our own brand of timber products that incorporate our Premium Long Life Anti-Graffiti sealer. Set to extend the minimum amount of time before recoat is required by 13 years, this product is just one example of our continued pursuit for low maintenance, multi-functioning products.

At Atkar, we continue to align our product offerings with market demand by bringing together materials that are creative, functional, low maintenance and cost and time efficient. We expect our biggest product movers for 2017 to continue to be James Hardie Fibre Cement products like Exotec for commercial cladding applications, as well as their prescribed accessory and installation systems. This is largely due to the fact these products are long lasting, easy to install and able to create multiple visual styles over a project.

These trends and our product offerings promise to influence the fields of design and construction this year and beyond. Our team are always working to produce forward thinking and innovative products and we’re excited for what we can deliver for our customers in 2017.