How to choose a material that is suitable and safe

What does the National Construction Code (NCC) require?

For facades and internal elements:

  1. Must be a recognised material in the building code. If non-compliant, it needs to be proposed as an alternative solution. Fibre cement must comply with AS2908. Eg. Mg0 boards typically do not comply with FC AS2908.
  2. Non-combustibility (C1.12) – material must be deemed non-combustible, or satisfy performance requirements for non-combustibility.
  3. Materials Group Number (A2.4) – for a material tested to AS/NZS3837, the material Group Number must be determined in accordance with NCC Vol. 1 A2.4.
  4. Is the material certified for a ‘wall’ or only an ‘attachment’? Check the certificate to make sure the material is suitable for a wall, not just for an attachment onto a wall.

To determine your specific material Group Number and Combustibility requirements, you must identify the Building Class and Type of Construction as per NCC Vol. 1 Table C1.1

Does the material need to be non-combustible?

Is the chosen building material non-combustible?

What Group Number is suitable for which building elements?

Is the material suitable for a wall or only as an attachment?

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