Introducing Infini.

Infini by Atkar represents the next generation of architectural creative freedom. Any timber finish, colour, design or photo is now possible with Atkar’s industry leading acoustic products.

What is Infini?

Inluxe Infini is a new finish by Atkar, combining state of the art design technology with an all new application process, embedding any designed finish into the substrate surface.


Q: Will it last?

A: Yes, it is highly resistant to all forms of environmental damage (moisture, UV rays, etc).  Infini compares well to existing finish options.

Q: Any VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

A: None at all

Q: What are the limitations?

A: Imagination!  We have produced finishes ranging from blue skies, to concrete, brickwork, and numerous timber finishes.

Q: Is it expensive?

A: Inluxe Infini is competitively priced against traditional options.

Q: Will it affect fire ratings?

A: This is a big topic of conversation, best had with an Atkar Architectural Expert.  In simple terms, no it will not affect fire ratings of the substrate.  However it does open up new possibilities in using non combustible substrates (Au.diLux) with timber finishes in Group 1 situations.  This is general advice and it is important that project specific recommendations are sought and followed.

Atkar’s Inluxe Infini: Architectural acoustics will never be the same.

  • Customise everything.

    Everyone enjoys interesting environments.
    With endless possibilities, it is now possible to make every wall, every ceiling, and every project, completely unique.

  • Creative freedom.

    • Branding
    • Digital designs
    • Natural finishes
    • Stone & Concrete finishes

  • New possibilities.

    Discover how Atkar's Infini can make your next project unique.

Atkar Infini

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