NEW: Inluxe ClearShield & Inluxe ColourShield

Inluxe ClearShield & Inluxe ColourShield is a durable range of coatings that offers permanent and continuous antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the coating. It helps to reduce the ability of bacteria to grow and spread on surfaces and has been independently tested to ISO standards and shown to reduce E.Coli and Salmonella by up to 99.9%.. Test certificates are available.

How does it work?

The Inluxe ClearShield & Inluxe ColourShield coating is an innovative system that uses silver-ion technology, which is known for its natural antibacterial properties. If bacteria lands on the coated surface, the bacteria can’t survive or grow, therefore reducing the cross contamination risk.

The technology has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory specialised in microbiology, according the JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196 standards, it’s the preferred and most rigorous standard for antimicrobial and antifungal performance.


Can be used with our Hygiene Barrier Seal for optimal hygiene protection – See below for details.

Product Information

  • Inluxe ClearShield can be applied as a clear coat over Inluxe Veneer, Inluxe Micro or raw timber panels or slats in a Gloss, Satin, or a Matt sheen level.

    Please note: These images are for representation purposes only. Please contact us for a sample.

  • Inluxe ColourShield is available in our standard Inluxe Colours, or in your own custom colour in a Gloss, Satin, or a Matt sheen level.

    Please note: These images are for representation purposes only. Please contact us for a sample.

    Inluxe-Colour-Clear Inluxe-Colour-Atkar-White

    Inluxe-Colour-Light-Grey Inluxe-Colour-Winter-Grey Inluxe-Colour-Dusk-Grey

    Inluxe-Colour-Charcoal Inluxe-Colour-Black Inluxe-Colour-Red Inluxe-Colour-Terracotta

    Inluxe-Colour-Yellow Inluxe-Colour-Spring-Green Inluxe-Colour-Highland-Green Inluxe-Colour-Blue

    Inluxe-Colour-Duck-Egg-Blue Inluxe-Colour-Purple Inluxe-Colour-Mulberry Inluxe-Colour-Bamboo

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  • Use our Hygiene Barrier Seal together with Inluxe ClearShield or ColourShield for ultimate hygiene protection.

    About our Hygiene Barrier Seal:

    Our Hygiene Barrier Seal is a specialist barrier membrane fitted to the rear of our acoustic panels to reduce contaminants passing through the panel perforations, slots or slats.

    Factory-fitted and designed and tested by Atkar, our Hygiene Barrier Seal cannot be seen though the panel perforations, and has no adverse effect on the acoustic performance of the panel.

    Our Hygiene Barrier Seal is available as a standalone system, or may be used in conjunction with our antimicrobial coating system Inluxe ClearShield or ColourShield, for optimal hygiene protection.

  • Download the Inluxe ClearShield & Inluxe ColourShield brochure here


  • Inluxe ClearShield & Inluxe ColourShield is safe for humans, animals and the environment and can be used in any application, particularly where durability & hygiene are important. It can be applied to the following Atkar products and used with either a MDF or Plywood substrate.

    • Au.diBeam
    • Au.diPanel
    • Au.diSlot
    • Au.diTile
    • Au.diGroove
    • Au.diSlat
    • Au.diStyle
    • Au.diTone
    • Au.diPanel Graphic
    • Mirage Screens
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