A complete acoustic ceiling solution with Vogl

Vogl products provide more than perforated plasterboard, they off the complete ceiling system.

We are major distributor of Vogl products in Australia and proud to bring these innovative and sophisticated products to a new market. Our unmatched solutions, support and service perfectly align with Vogl and their values to help our customers with the best possible outcome and add value to any room.

The Complete Vogl Range

All Vogl products are tried and tested, but it’s their dedication to precision and quality that stands Vogl apart from other products on the market.

We currently offer three Vogl Products with a few more coming soon – watch this space!

Vogl Fuge

Seamless Acoustic Plasterboard Ceiling System

Smarter System. Faster Install. Better Choice.

It may look similar, but the VoglFuge system is not like other Seamless Acoustic Plasterboard Ceilings. Designed in Germany, VoglFuge has a patented, smarter joint system, which means it can be installed faster and offers maximum crack resistance. VoglFuge uses a patented strip tape & glue process on the panel joints instead of compound filler.

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Vogl Toptec

Acoustic Plaster Ceiling System

Our new Vogl Toptec Acoustic Plaster Ceiling System is a perfect solution for when you need to achieve a monolithic ceiling surface with noise control.

Designed in Germany, Vogl Toptec is a complete machine applied acoustic plaster system and offers unparalleled reliability in term of installation and performance.

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Vogl Colour

Coloured Acoustic Plaster Ceiling System

Add colour precisely and easily to your project with Vogl Colour.

The Vogl perforated panels are factory treated, ensuring a high-quality and homogeneous colouration. With the option to select different colours to the finish coat, inner perforation, and fleece colour – the choices are endless!

Combined with the Smarter, Faster and Better VoglFuge process, Vogl Colour is the easy way to add colour with high acoustic properties.

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Vogl Fold-Fix

Plaster Ceiling Profiles

Install ceiling edges, corners and bulkheads with ease with Vogl’s revolutionary plaster ceiling profile solutions – Vogl Fold-Fix.

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Who are Vogl?

Vogl (also known as Vogl Deckensysteme) is a German engineered ceiling system here to change the way we think about plasterboard ceilings.

With over 50 years of experience, Vogl designs with precision to create a modern aesthetic, with the functions you need. So you can now have elegant design with the right acoustic properties for your project, with a quicker install. It’s truly where design meets function.

Vogl products are of the highest quality and have been tried and tested across Europe. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, you can rest easy knowing they work.

“We want to give architects the freedom to create their vision but with seamless installation for builders and contractors”

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