VoglFuge System – What is it (and how do you say it)

Germany is responsible for a lot of great products and brands – Mercedes, VW, Audi, BMW, Adidas, Mont Blanc, Bosch, Aldi, Linde, Braun to name a few. They are leaders in the field when it comes to clever design and innovations – and Vogl’s plasterboard acoustic ceiling that uses no filler – is no different.

VoglFuge (pronounced Vo-gill Fewge!) is a continuously perforated plasterboard acoustic ceiling that offers a improved install process than most other seamless plasterboard ceilings. German company Vogl Deckensystem, who are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of acoustic plasterboard ceilings, developed VoglFuge in 2004. When our Product Development team discovered VoglFuge, we realised that this unique product could have significant value to plasterers and ceiling installers in Australia, so we eagerly introduced VoglFuge in 2013.

What makes VoglFuge different (or better) to other similar ceilings?

VoglFuge – the only seamless perforated plasterboard ceiling that uses a unique tape joint system.

Technically the material itself is the same – however VoglFuge’s acoustic NRC values have performed better than some of the major players in the field. It also has a Group 1 Fire Rating across the range, but so do most other brands as well.

The key differentiator is in its installation process – it is the only system that doe not use  compound joint filler – which probably seems unusual when using a plasterboard product.

However by not using hard-set compound filler in the joints is actually the key benefit of VoglFuge. By not doing so, it actually makes it much easier and quicker to install AND it offers maximum crack resistance. A common issue with using compound filler in the joints, is that when there is movement in the ceilings, the hard-set fillers do not have any give, which means it is much more likely to develop fine hairline cracks over time.

So what does VoglFuge use at the joints?

VoglFuge uses a unique and patented joint tape glue system in lieu of filler.

VoglFuge panels are perforated end to end and have a straight edge, which means that not only is there less wastage when cut to size, but the Vogl panels can be flush aligned when mounted to the ceiling. Therefore there is no large gap that need to be filled in order to create that seamless ceiling effect, only a small joint line. This is where the patented Vogl Joint Tape is required. The tape is a white, rubbery 8mm tape that uses a liquid glue to be adhered to the joint. Another layer of liquid glue is used over the top of the tape and once dried, it requires a light sand, and then you are done.

Unlike other brands, there is no need to trough and fill in the gap, chip it off and then vigorously sand to get a smooth joint. VoglFuge is simple and most importantly effective in offering maximum crack resistance, especially when using our wider furring channel at the joints, which means there is no need to use double furring channels – which is another key benefit of VoglFuge.

Also, it’s important to note that with our VoglFuge panels, installers will also need the VoglFuge installation kit – which includes everything that you need to install the ceiling such as the tape, glue, nail head filler sand paper, panels screws and screw bit. There are no other accessories required to purchase.

Overview of Key benefits of Vogl:

  • Maximum crack resistance
  • Group 1 Fire Rating
  • High performance Acoustics
  • Easier and Quicker to install
  • GECA Certified

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Want to see VoglFuge being installed? Watch our 5 min video to see the unique joint tape glue system in action.