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Note: Different finishes and substrates can affect Group Ratings – for more advice see Fire ratings Tab below.

VoglFuge Key Benefits

  • Smarter System

    VoglFuge uses a patented strip tape & glue process on the panel joints instead of compound filler.

  • Faster Install

    Install faster when compared to traditional filler system.*

  • Group 1 Rating

    VoglFuge has a Group 1 Fire Rating across the entire range.

  • Maximum Crack Resistance

    VoglFuge's patented strip tape & glue process, means maximum crack resistance.

  • Plaster Ceiling Profiles

    Install ceiling edges, corners and bulkheads with ease with Vogl’s plaster ceiling profile solutions.

More than perforated plasterboard

Vogl is changing the way we think about perforated plasterboard with revolutionary acoustic ceiling solution. It’s more than perforated plasterboard, it’s a complete system.

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Why Choose VoglFuge? Smarter. Faster. Better.

It may look similar, but the VoglFuge system is not like other Seamless Acoustic Plasterboard Ceilings.

Designed in Germany, VoglFuge has a patented, smarter joint system, which means it can be installed faster and offers maximum crack resistance.

  • Smart Joint Strip System instead of filler

    VoglFuge uses a patented strip tape & glue process on the panel joints instead of compound filler. This smarter system is easier and faster to install and also offers maximum crack resistance.

    See installation tab for full installation details.

    Joint Strip Overview

  • Install faster with VoglFuge.

    All accessories required are included in the Vogl Install Kit, and thanks to its smarter joint system and overall process, it is proven to be faster to install than the traditional compound filler system.*

    Installation Process: VoglFuge vs Traditional Filler Method


    Vogl Install Kit

    All equipment and tools, including the joint strip tape and glue, is included in the easy to carry Vogl install kit. No need to purchase any additional equipment or materials.


    *Installation time based on independent study and may vary depending on installer experience and site conditions.
  • The complete solution

    VoglFuge offers many important benefits to architects, installers and the client. Make the better choice and make sure VoglFuge is the ceiling that is specified & installed.

  • There will always be some movement in ceilings over time. VoglFuge’s smarter joint strip & glue system provides more flexibility in the joints,
    therefore greatly reducing the likelihood of hairline cracking over the years to come. We also recommend using our 67mm wide furring
    channel at the joints.

    Read our full article on Crack Resistance here.

Vogl Colour

Coloured Acoustic Plaster Ceiling System

Add colour precisely and easily to your project with Vogl Colour.

The Vogl perforated panels are factory treated, ensuring a high-quality and homogeneous colouration. With the option to select different colours to the finish coat, inner perforation, and fleece colour – the choices are endless!

Combined with the Smarter, Faster and Better VoglFuge process, Vogl Colour is the easy way to add colour with high acoustic properties.

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Product Information

Standard Range of profiles and finishes:

  • Atkar Group offer an extensive range of standard profiles, substrates, finishes and panel sizes.
  • All panels selected from our standard range are made to your exact project measurements, with shop drawings provided for sign off prior to manufacturing.
  • As part of our standard range, you can also select your preferred panel thickness, edge type, joint type and margin.

Use the 3D Product Visualiser above to see what panel variations are available and to see panel information such as group rating, fixing options and more.

Customisation options:

Atkar Group regularly customise panels in a variety of ways, but the most common variations are:

  • Custom finishes
  • Custom colours
  • Custom panel shape
  • Custom profiles and patterns

Fire Ratings

VoglFuge has a Group 1 Fire Rating across the entire range.

CLICK HERE to receive a copy of one of our Fire Certificates or to discuss your group rating requirements.

Download Data Sheets

Click link to view a copy of the following information for VoglFuge

VoglFuge Overview & Installation Brochure

VoglFuge Benefits Brochure

VoglFuge Acoustic Data

VoglFuge Technical Data Sheet

Painting Instructions for VoglFuge

VoglFuge Warranty

VoglFuge Maintenance Guide

VoglFuge Painting Instructions

VoglFuge Access Panel Installation

VoglFuge Frieze Tape Installation

Useful Tools

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Group Rating Calculator – see what group rating is required for your project



Atkar Group are major stockists of VoglFuge. We have have stock of the below 9 VoglFuge patterns on site in Australia and it is available for quick delivery.

You can also use our 3D Panel Visualiser above to view available perforation patterns and download full panel image.

Custom patterns and block perorations also available on request.

Panel Sizes

VoglFuge panels are 1200 x 2000mm and can be cut to size on site.


VoglFuge is available in a plasterboard substrate only. Plasterboard provides a flush, streamlined ceiling with no visible joins. It is efficient and economical with the most reliability during installation for guaranteed results.

Finish Options

Vogl is supplied raw and is painted on site. See installation Tab for more information.


Fixing System

VoglFuge offers a seamless finish using its proprietary Install system. Please view Installation Tab for details.


Vogl Plaster Ceiling Profiles

Install ceiling edges, corners and bulkheads with ease with Vogl’s revolutionary plaster ceiling profile solutions, including FoldFix.

Speak to our team to discuss these solutions in more details.

Access Panels

Complete your VoglFuge ceiling with easy to install matching access panels

Installation Kit

All equipment and tools, including the joint strip tape and glue, is included in the easy to carry Vogl install kit. No need to purchase
any additional equipment or materials.


Frieze (Border) Tape

If solid borders or sections are required, Vogl Frieze Tape (which is acoustically transparent) can be used to cover the perforations so you can achieve your required look.

Other patterns including block slots and perforations are also available on request.


For further information on the above, please contact us here or call us on 03 97969 3333.

For installation advice on the above, please visit our VoglFuge Installers Page here


The process to install VoglFuge is different, but easily learned. It is different the the traditional compound filler method, and uses a patented Joint Strip System that is not only easier and faster to install, but it also offers maximum crack resistance.

View our 5 minute installation video below to view the complete process.


We have developed a separate VoglFuge Installers Page that includes all information you need for a seamless install.

Click here to view our VoglFuge Installer page





Vogl warrants that its products are supplied free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years and will at its option repair and/or replace any product found to be defective in manufacture.

View downloads tab for warranty document.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Remove any marks or dust with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Stubborn stains or grease may be removed with a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaning chemicals or strong solvents. Adhesive tape should never be applied to the surface of the panels during maintenance as this may damage the face finish.


Vogl DeckenSystem are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of perforated plasterboard ceiling solutions for over 60 years.

In 2004 they developed the unique VoglFuge system and is the only seamless plasterboard acoustic ceilings to be installed without filler.

Atkar Group are major distributors and stockists of VoglFuge in Australia. Contact us to discuss your stock and delivery requirements.

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