We are excited to introduce our three distinct and comprehensive new product ranges which have been designed to suit your diverse acoustic and architectural project requirements.
Infinity – Premium Acoustic Solutions
Quantum– Modular Acoustic Solutions
Horizons – Decorative Solutions

With innovative architectural and acoustic technology, Atkar makes your job easier by facilitating impressive results within your project timeline.

Infinity numbered square

 Infinity____Premium Acoustic Solutions Range

Offering ultimate acoustic performance and appeal. Our Infinity range includes our highly regarded  Au.di range of panel and tile solutions that can be fully customised in size, colour, pattern and shape.  Our team of Architectural Consultants and Engineers will work directly with you to find the best custom  solution to meet your project requirements. Click here to view more on the Infinity range.

Products in the Infinity range:

Au.diPanel Au.diSlot Au.diTile Wireform
Au.diSlat Au.diBoard VoglFuge Au.diLux
Au.diVent Au.diStyle Au.diTouch Au.diGroove
Au.diTone Au.diLine

Quantum numbered square

 Quantum____Modular Acoustic Solutions Range

Our modular range is available in a variety of standard sizes, profiles and finishes and include  solid infill panels that can be cut on site to suit most wall and ceiling applications. Easy to install,  Quantum is an efficient and economical solution for projects where timing and budgets might be  limited, but acoustics and aesthetics are paramount. Click here to view more on the Quantum range.

Products in the Quantum Range:

Essentials Modular Panels & Tiles


Horizons numbered square

 Horizons____Decorative Solutions Range

With a collection of stylish and elegant products, our Horizon’s range includes our innovative 3D  wall panels, a world leading surface made from natural organic materials, decorative screens and a  unique graphic wall panel. Ideal in retail and corporate environments, our Horizons range is the  perfect solution for a feature wall or ceiling. Click here to view more on the Horizons range.

Products in the Horizons Range:

 Organoid Mirage 3D Panel Mirage Screens Mirage Graphic Image Panel