Forum Theatre

project Forum Theatre
builder Soma Building Services
  • ZipWall dust containment solutions
  • ZoneFX PVC Hoarding
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Built in 1920, the unique character of this heritage building must be preserved while extensive refurbishment works are undertaken throughout. Atkar’s ZipWall dust containment solution was the ideal product for this application creating a dust proof barrier ensuring the original ornamentation will be protected from debris and damage during this time. Extending to heights of up to 6 metres, ZipWall is securely protecting the large ornate walls in the Forum Theatre dance hall.

The site offices and lunch rooms have been constructed on the second floor from Atkar’s ZoneFX hoarding system. Ideal for site segregation, ZoneFX is a durable smart wall panel system creating a safer and more secure environment for the construction industry. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, ZoneFX is an excellent partitioning solution and can be reused many times.

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