Rundle Mall Plaza

architect Hames Sharley
builder Hansen Yuncken
location Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000
photographer Sam Roberts
product Custom Au.diBeam Inluxe Colour White


The crown jewel of Adelaide

Originally opened in 1976, Rundle Mall represents a strong cultural heritage for Adelaidians. The redevelopment pays homage to its rich history, while showcasing the very best in modern architecture and design.

The newly-redeveloped Rundle Mall Plaza includes four floors, equalling an impressive 15,000m2 of space. It’s a tech hub, fashion and dining precinct all in one – a dynamic retail space in the heart of the bustling Adelaide city.

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  • Atkar_Rundle Mall Plaza_Oct2021_ 108_LoRes

Au.diBeam like you’ve never seen before

The entry into this iconic building makes an instant impression with a flood of natural light and views of Rundle Mall street. Double height ceilings draws your attention up where you are greeted to the three dimensional effect of Au.diBeam.

The unique zig zag pattern ceiling panels is like nothing you’ve seen before – contemporary, modern and fresh. This custom solution shows how versatile Au.diBeam products can be. It was a truly creative experience for all involved.

Finished in Inluxe Colour (premium two-pack paint) in white ensures the space isn’t overwhelming, rather it focuses on architectural detailing using shape and line.

Masterclass in retail design

Rundle Mall Plaza features a mostly light and bright colour palette using textures and shapes to create interest – rather than colour. Large pillars are wrapped in light marble tiles, gold trim is used throughout to give an high-end feel.

Dark grey marble styled floor tiles with matte black detailing give the space depth without compromising on its core palette.

Rundle Mall Plaza is a landmark of modern and contemporary architectural in the city of Adelaide. Want to know more? Chat to a member of our team.

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  • Atkar_Rundle Mall Plaza_Oct2021_ 108_LoRes

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