Vincent Care Ozanam House

architect MGS Architects
builder ADCO Constructions
location 179-191 Flemington Rd Melbourne
photographer Andrew Curtis
product Au.diPanel & Au.diSlat


The Project 

Ozanam House is dedicated to offering flexible accommodation solutions ranging from crisis housing to extended supported accommodation and Independent Living Units.

When Ozanam House underwent a redevelopment, one of the critical aspects was addressing the acoustic environment within its resource centres and other communal areas. These spaces needed to balance aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that noise levels were managed to facilitate meaningful interactions and activities.

Discover Au.diPanel & Au.diSlat, Where Form Meets Function In Perfect Harmony

The Atkar Solution

Atkar’s Au.diPanel emerged as the ideal choice to meet the project’s diverse needs. Designed to strike a perfect balance between form and function, Au.diPanel not only complemented the contemporary aesthetic of Ozanam House but also significantly improved the acoustic quality of key spaces.

Au.diPanel was strategically installed in main conference rooms, communal areas, walkways, and working spaces. Its sleek appearance and trend-setting design seamlessly blended with the overall architectural vision of the redevelopment.

To add an extra layer of  depth and functionality, Au.diSlat was utilized to create feature ceilings in key areas such as the elevator lobbies. These installations not only added a visually striking element but also contributed to a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

Atkar’s Au.diPanel and Au.diSlat has helped to answer an intricate brief in order to transform Ozanam House into a hub of community engagement and comfort. Ready to enhance your own space? Contact us today to discover how our acoustic solutions can elevate your environment.

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