5 Ways with Au.diPanel

Au.diPanel, one of Atkar’s most popular perforated timber panel system is a tried and proven performer that offers great looks, strength, durability and highly effective acoustic control.

Perhaps the most versatile product in the Atkar range, Au.diPanel presents our architects with the widest selection of perforation options and a choice of substrates. Combined with our range of decorative surface finishes and our Integrated Acoustic Backing (IAB), Au.diPanel lends itself to tailoring for specific appearance or acoustic performance requirements.

Endless finishing options, custom perforation patterns – including stunning graphic designs, and a complimenting range of concealed fixing systems all contribute to making a statement with Au.diPanel’s industry leading prestige.

Here are just 5 ways we have used Au.diPanel to help achieve our client’s designs.

COLOURFUL The power of paint finishes can be strikingly effective. Take a look at Geelong Library; a multiple award-winning project.  The clever execution of colour set the different levels and spaces apart. Atkar’s premium paint finishes incorporate almost limitless colour possibilities, easily matched to the selection of your choice: subtle pastels, vivid primaries, clears, metallic and even pearlescents. Gloss levels are available to your specifications allowing you to paint the perfect picture.

ANGLES add more dimension to your walls. Mixing different shape panels with varying perforations can create a 3D effect. The illusive hypercube in the loft of Geelong Library and the rippling walls of Trinity College were created using different angled panels and a mixture of perforation patterns. Allowing the ceiling and walls to really pop out invites people to interact with the space.

CUSTOM PERFORATIONS create your own bespoke effect. As a unique decorative offering to our standard Au.diPanel product, Au.diPanel Graphic offers a truly customised design with our widest range of perforation options, including custom patterns and sizes. Take it a step further and tailor your photograph or artwork onto the panel design like seen on our VCCC and RMIT projects.

PLYWOOD is a great lightweight alternative to MDF or real timber. It can be finished in a variety of different ways to suit different styles; clear coated, lime washed, or left raw for a more industrial look. The lime washed Au.diPanel plywood featured in Monash Caulfield Library.

NATURAL TIMBER Perhaps no other material boasts class and elegance more than well-polished real timber. The timeless beauty, charm and elegance exhibited by solid timber is unmistakable. However, solid timber is generally not the most cost-effective option over against its counterparts such as veneer or laminate but is robust and durable making it a life time product. The same visual appeal can be created with Atkar’s extensive range of veneers and laminates.

Suitable for wall and ceilings Au.diPanel has been installed for over 20 years as a decorative acoustic lining on many projects and structures. From hotels and universities to retail centres and hospitals, there isn’t a project that Au.diPanel doesn’t transform into a distinguished, beautiful space.

Available pre-finished in natural wood grains, laminates and paint finishes and able to be conceal fixed and customised, Au.diPanel is ideal for quality interiors where aesthetics and performance are important.

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