Au.diTone: Continuous Timber Diffuser Panel

Contemporary and stylish: Au.diTone is an alternative acoustic treatment where sound diffraction is preferred to conventional absorption. Au.diTone maintains a ‘live’ atmosphere suited to special performance and presentation spaces.

Au.diTone is an innovative machined diffuser panel that scatters sound in all directions instead of giving a single reflection. This dispersion achieves a good mix of surrounding sound; particularly beneficial for music as it allows the listener to feel enveloped in the sound.

Au.diTone is ideal in smaller rooms such as recording studios as diffusion makes a space sound bigger and in regular shaped rooms it’s beneficial in breaking up standing waves.

Au.diTone Diffuser Panel achieves sound vibration control, bass absorption, enhanced speech intelligibility and improved sound clarity making it excellent in applications where communication is critical; a clever alternative to absorbing the sound with acoustic absorption which would create a deadened, ineffective environment.

In addition to the exceptional acoustic qualities, Au.diTone can be painted any colour to achieve a greater impact on the ambience in the following applications:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Lecture Halls
  • Public Spaces
  • Recording Studios
  • Home Entertainment Facilities
  • Performance Spaces
  • Call Centres
  • All critical listening environments


  • Minimises flutter echoes without deadening the space
  • Provide an ambient environment to support speech, giving superior coverage and higher speech intelligibility.
  • Can be painted in any colour
  • Offers an alternative solution to sound absorbing panels that may create a space that is acoustically ‘dead’.

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