Custom design vision with acoustic requirements?

Moden and attractive, Au.diSlot is easily one of our most versatile acoustic solutions. Not only does it offer great acoustic performance and options for a Group 2 fire rating it also has the ability to be customised in many ways to create unique and exciting spaces.


Within the Au.diSlot range, we offer 20 standard slot patterns that often are suitable for many different project requirements. If you are looking for something more specific to fit into your design vision, we have been able to customise slot patterns using our routing machine, some projects that we’ve done this for include Koorie Heritage Project and Alfred Felton Hall at Melbourne Grammar School.

The mentioned projects are pictured above. 


Au.diSlot has the capability to curve to create both inverse and converse angles. Plywood as a substrate offers the ability to create stronger curves (up to a minimum 4000mm radius, radii tighter than 4000mm can be achieved with further machining processes) such as the Moe Rail Precinct project; however, more subtle curves can be achieved with MDF panels using our Inluxe® Image or Colour range such as in our Channel 7, Harbour Esplanade project (pictured above).


By minimising the margin size, we can create a slotted panel that when combined together looks like a continous, seamless wall or ceiling. We have achieved this look in a number of projects including our Melbourne Central project and Deakin University project (both pictured above).



If you want to achieve a darker look, then consider using our MDF Black ‘Blackcore’ as your finishing substrate, which will help create a very modern and sophisticated look. Use with timber or a light-coloured finish to achieve a striking contrast such as our Melbourne Airport project, or to get super sleek black results, consider using a black finish such as we did in our QV Centre project.

The mentioned projects are pictured above. 

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