Custom Graphics – Bring your image to life

Atkar’s cutting edge technology can bring your project to life! Incorporate your own custom graphic design into our Au.diPanel Graphic or Mirage Graphic Panels for an exceptionally intriguing design.

Au.diPanel Graphic is where acoustic performance meets design aesthetics. Endless finishing options, customised stunning graphic perforation designs, and a complimenting range of concealed fixing systems all contribute to Au.diPanel’s industry leading performance.

Mirage Graphic Panel, one of the first of its kind in Australia, is a clever calculation of lines machined at different depths and widths resulting in an image with stunning detail which varies depending on the viewing distance.

Atkar’s extensive range of acoustic solutions is fully customisable, transforming design potential into exceptional built solutions and delivering unique projects every time.

Bring your next project to a whole new level. Contact us today with your project requirements on 03 9796 3333 or email [email protected]