Heritage College Multi Purpose Hall

Project:  Heritage College Multi Purpose Hall

Installer: Midway Plaster

Products: 67mm Wide Furring Channel, VoglFuge, Au.diStyle Panels

Atkar’s brand new 67mm Wide Furring Channel had only been in stock two days when Midway Plaster decided to use it for their Heritage College Project. 

Midway Plaster had approximately 800m2 of feature ceilings to install which included VoglFuge and Au.diStyle panels. When we discussed with them the benefits of using the 67mm Wide Furring Channel across the entire ceiling they decided to give it a go – they were not disappointed!

“Using Atkar’s new Wide Furring Channel was easy. We decided to use it across our whole ceiling, and they went up quickly and saved a lot of time as we didn’t have to worry about double furring channels at the joints, which are always hard to get square. Our Vogl installation is going to be much easier, and I can even see these wider furring channels being much easier in some cases for standard plasterboard ceilings as well.”

Brad – Midway Plaster

  • VoglFuge Ceiling
  • Midway-Wide-Furring-Channel
  • 67mm Wide Furring Channel