Can you tell the difference between our InluxeTM timber veneer and our InluxeTM Image foil finish?

Replica Timber-look finishes were once considered to be far inferior to real wood. However, technology and application methods have narrowed that gap in the eyes of many. This makes our InluxeTM Image and InluxeTM Veneer finishes more comparable in appearance than ever before and giving architects & designers a broader range of great-looking options to choose from.

Of course, life is about more than just looks and appearance. Suitability, project budgets & fire ratings also come into play when designing a space, and that could dictate which finish is the right choice for your space and unique needs.

In this article, we will highlight what timber and timber-look finish options, where they can be used and if you can spot the difference between some of our most popular Veneer & Image options. 

Our timber & timber-look options

Nothing equals the warmth and character of timber. Atkar Group’s InluxeTM Veneer is undeniably stunning in appearance, making it a fantastic focal piece in a room as well as an excellent finish for decorating walls and ceilings.  Our genuine timber veneer is factory applied and involves applying thin layer of real timber to a substrate such as MDF or Plywood. This construction process gives the appearance of real timber that many people love and offers the beauty of the timber, as well as the unique colour and grain irregularities that only genuine wood can provide.

Timber veneer is still considered a premium finish, and although this might be your preference, budget restraints often need to be considered.

Our InluxeTM Image is a photorealistic thin-film finish offering an advanced option in the field of interior surfaces that reproduces visual appearance of its expensive natural counterparts. Inluxe Image is designed to give the appearance of wood (solid colours are also available) while offering a cost-effective solution for projects that are more focused on their budget.

This decorative finish is factory applied at our warehouse in Hallam to the visible face and profiled edges of the panel. Improved technology has enabled us to hide the distinctiveness of these repetitive patterns, making Atkar’s Inluxe Image an excellent alternative to real timber veneer. The end result is a realistic timber-look panel that is suited for many applications including wall and ceiling linings, perforated and slotted acoustic panels, curved panels, and joinery compounds, without the associated costs of real timber

Fire Ratings (tested to AS 5637) can be achieved on many of our acoustic panels with both Inluxe Veneer & Inluxe Image when using MDF Fire Rated substate. Speak to our team for more information or use our Inluxe Studio to select the exact panel type you want and to see what Fire Rating is available.

Can you spot the difference?

Check out the below and see if you can spot the difference between each finish. Answers below.

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  1.  Spotted Gum Veneer is 1, Spotted Gum Image is 2
  2. American Oak Image is 1, American Oak Veneer is 2
  3. American Walnut Veneer is 1, American Walnut Image is 2