Trinity College Showcases the New Inluxe™ Veneer

Atkar’s brand new Inluxe™ Finishes Range makes it easy for you to select the perfect finish for your project. Choose from a range of surface finishes including Inluxe Colour, Inluxe Laminate, Inluxe Fabric, Inluxe Veneer, Inluxe Image and Inluxe Vinyl.

Inluxe™ Finishes enable an integrated aesthetic for any project design. By mixing and matching our acoustic and decorative panels, our Inluxe finishes can be used in combinations to highlight, contrast or coordinate the unique presence of the Atkar panel range.

Trinity College used a selection of Infinity panels throughout and were able to match the finishes to achieve an integrated look. Au.diPanel, a perforated timber panel, and Au.diStyle, a solid timber panel were used side-by-side in Inluxe Veneer and Inluxe Colour clear coat. The exceptional design created a symmetrical wave like contrast to the auditorium with optimum acoustic performance and a simultaneous visual impact.

Inluxe Veneer is a genuine timber veneer finish, available in 8 standard colours including time-honoured favourites and exotics, or you can consult with us to choose your own. Our Inluxe Veneer finished panels can also achieve a Group 1 or 2 BCA Fire Rating for some panel types.

Check out the gallery and read more about this incredible project.

See our complete Inluxe range here.

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