Atkar features in FM Magazine

Co-working spaces, open offices and collaborative work arrangements – these trends are making headlines right now. But so too is the pushback. An influential Washington Post article, titled ‘Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace’, cites a 2013 study to argue that “many workers in open offices are frustrated by distractions that lead to poorer work performance.”

The Post article has led to much discussion on how to keep the best parts of open offices, while minimising the negatives.

“Creating acoustically appropriate spaces within an open office is always a challenge,” says Phil Grimshaw, director at Atkar, a supplier of architectural acoustic panels and ceiling solutions.

“These kinds of spaces allow for collaboration and positive staff interaction, so there are good reasons for the open office, but acoustic design needs to be considered for staff wellbeing, amenity and comfort,” Grimshaw says.

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