How to choose the right product, substrate and finish for your project

At Atkar, we understand how difficult the task can be to choose the right product for the right application. We’ve put together a 7 step guide to take the confusion out the process.

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  • Atkar has 3 leading edge product ranges designed to fit every budget and need, whether it be for acoustic or decorative purposes or both.

    With innovative architectural and acoustic technology, Atkar makes your job easier by facilitating impressive results within your project timeline. Our three distinct and comprehensive product ranges are designed to suit diverse acoustic and architectural project requirements.

  • Once you have decided which range best fits your needs, you then need to choose the ideal product within that range for your project. At this stage, you will also need to be thinking about the substrate that is required. Obviously, different substrates are more suitable for some areas then others i.e. were fire rating is needed. View the table below to see which product is available in the different substrates, and finish options which will be further explained in steps 3 and 4 below.

  • Making sure you have the right substrate for the right application is important. Choosing the ideal substrate for your project can depend on a number of things. The key points to consider are:

     – The project type: in places such as hospitals, hygiene is an important part of the project. Non porous and easy to clean surfaces must be used in some patient areas where human contact is likely to be made with the surface.

     – Application area: public areas and schools with a higher volume of traffic are best suited to a impact resistant substrate (and finish)

     – Wall or ceiling application

     – Fire rating requirement

    Refer to the cross reference chart in the previous step above to see which substrate is suited to which product and finish.

    Find out more about our substrates here

  • Atkar’s Inluxe™ Finish range features a large selection of designer finishes. We are constantly sourcing and updating our finishes range to keep up with industry trends. Our finishes are sourced from premium suppliers locally and around the world. You can choose from:

    • Inluxe™ Image
    • Inluxe™ Veneer
    • Inluxe™ Colour
    • Inluxe™ Vinyl
    • Inluxe™ Laminate
    • Inluxe™ Fabric

    View our standard colour range here

  • Whether you choose to have a solid panel or prefer to take your project to the next level with custom perforations, most products have standard options as well as custom perforations or profiles.  The design possibilities are limitless with Atkar’s diverse range of products, finishes, and perforations or profiles.

    To view which profiles are available for the product you have chosen, click on the ‘Perforation Patterns’ or ‘Profiles’ tab located halfway down the product page; see example below. If you need custom perforations or profiles, contact the Atkar team.


  • Complemented by a proprietary range of fixing systems, our Infinity range offers quick and easy installation by any experienced tradesperson. With an integrated fixing system designed for each panel type, we ensure the end-product is installed easily, safely, and to the highest standard of quality and finish. View more details on Atkar’s range of fixing systems here.

  • The final step! Congratulations you have now created a unique design with your choice of product, substrate, finish and perforations/profile! Need help with the Specification Wording? Simply fill in the form and we will have it back to you within 1 business day.