How to save time and money on commercial ceiling installations

After months if not years of design concepts and preparation, there is always lot of pressure to start building quickly once the project hits site, without compromising on the quality.

There is more to a ceiling than meets the eye – so installation often takes longer than expected. Integrating lighting, electrical, sprinklers, vents, and services adds time for contractors onsite. Throw in complex cornice work and you can have big delays or less than ideal finishes.

The quick way to install complex ceilings

We’ve partnered with Vogl to help make ceiling installations as smooth and easy as possible with their latest German innovation: Vogl Fold-Fix. Install ceiling edges, corners, and bulkheads with ease with Vogl’s revolutionary plaster ceiling profile solutions.

Each shape of Vogl Fold-Fix is completely custom made so we can work to your project requirements. Create L-shapes, U-shapes and Z-shapes or any shape combination you can think of – no matter how difficult.

The Vogl FoldFix system integrates perfectly with all their other products including VoglFuge seamless acoustic plasterboard, to give you a complete ceiling system solution.

How it works:

  1. Remove cover paper
  2. Press limbs firmly together
  3. Done

Easy to store

Vogl Fold-Fix arrives completely flat for easy storage – so you don’t need to deal with any awkward bulky prefabricated cornices saving money on transportation costs.

Each panel is factory-supplied with Vogl Fold-Fix adhesive tape, so no messy glue is needed! It couldn’t be easier!

Want to know more about Vogl Fold-Fix? Chat to a member of our team today.