Selecting the right timber look

The key to success in any design project is making the right decisions. From fixtures and furnishings to colours and the layout of the space, the choices you make are crucial to the end result.

With the ever-lasting popularity of the timber look in our interior spaces, Atkar’s new Inluxe Finishes range has you covered. Our standard range of finish options offer a large selection of timber grain surfaces, providing a solution for every project aesthetic, budget and design requirement.

Which timber look Inluxe finish is the right one for your project?

  • Nothing equals the warmth and character of Atkar's clear coatings and stains onto genuine timber veneer. Our premium selection includes time-honoured favourites, such as Blackbutt and American Walnut, or exotic options like European Oak. Group 1 and 2 BCA Fire Ratings can also be achieved on some panel types. The timber texture adds another dimension to your project. 8 standard colours to choose from.

  • Want the same timber look without the cost? Inluxe Image reproduces the texture and visual appearance of its expensive natural counterparts, creating a prestigious, durable, pre-finished panel that is ideally suited to wall and ceiling linings, perforated and slotted acoustic panels, curved panels, and joinery compounds. Available in the similar timber grains as Inluxe Veneer, you can hardly tell the difference! 15 standard colours to choose from.

  • The option of choice when the project demands visual appeal and exemplary surface durability at low cost. A vast collection of wood grains is available – perfect for high-wear areas demanding a permanent decorative surface that’s amazingly economical. 12 standard colours to choose from.

Consider the application of the panels

The type of finish you select will vary depending on the panel or tile type you choose and where and how it will be used. For high traffic areas and walls, Inluxe Laminate provides functionality, strength and resilience. It’s a perfect finish for classrooms, shopping centres and open plan offices. Whereas, Inluxe Veneer offers the most premium finish of genuine timber, bringing warmth and texture, but is better suited to low impact areas such as ceilings or feature walls.

Mix and match for a unique look

Trinity College used a selection of Infinity panels throughout and were able to match the finishes to achieve an integrated look. Au.diPanel, a perforated timber panel, and Au.diStyle, a solid timber panel were used side-by-side in Inluxe Veneer and a clear coat. The exceptional design created a symmetrical wave like contrast to the auditorium with optimum acoustic performance and a simultaneous visual impact.

See our complete Inluxe range here.