Which substrate should I choose for my project?

Choosing the ideal substrate for your project can depend on a number of things. The key points to consider are:

 – The project type: in places such as hospitals, hygiene is an important part of the project. Non porous and easy to clean surfaces must be used in some patient areas where human contact is likely to be made with the surface.

 – Application area: public areas and schools with a higher volume of traffic are best suited to a impact resistant substrate (and finish)

 – Wall or ceiling application

 – Fire rating requirement

Refer to the cross reference chart at the bottom of this page to see which substrate is suited to which product and finish.

  • Perhaps no other material boasts class and elegance more than well-polished real timber. The timeless beauty, charm and elegance exhibited by solid timber is unmistakable.

    Solid timber is generally not the most cost effective option over against its counterparts such as veneer or laminate, but is robust and durable making it a life time product.

  • Available in a variety of thicknesses, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is the ideal substrate for shaping, routing, and drilling. Overlayed with a veneer, laminate, or painted, MDF is the most popular substrate.

    Also available:

    • Blackcore: Solid black MDF
    • Colourcore: A through dyed MDF is available in a variety of colors
    • FR MDF: A Fire Retardant MDF is also available

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  • Plywood is a lightweight alternative in comparison to MDF or real timber for example. Atkar stocks several types of plywood the 2 most common being:

    Hoop Pine: Atkar’s A grade Hoop Pine plywood has great bending strength, impact resistance and surface finishing characteristics, providing an excellent substrate for a high quality clear coat finish or exterior paint.

    Goldcore Light: A multi layered marine grade plywood, Goldcore Light is suitable for almost any internal or sheltered external application. Being a superior-quality plywood, it can be used for wall linings, head linings, domestic and commercial furniture, marine and RV cabinetry. At only half the weight of MDF it is both versatile and sturdy with a range of thicknesses from 6 to 22 mm. Available uncoated, clear coated or overlayed in a veneer or laminate of your choice.


    *Plywood is not suitable for all perforation types. Contact Atkar for more information.

  • Atkar stocks a range of premium fibre cement in varying thicknesses. With fibre cement being resistant to moisture, rotting, fire and termites it can accommodate an extensive variety of building applications including pool areas.

    Utilising the very latest in CNC equipment, almost anything is possible – from complex curves and angles to various edges, boring, routing and profiling.


  • Plaster provides a flush, streamlined ceiling with no visible joins. It is efficient and economical with easy installation for guaranteed results. Atkar’s Au.diBoard VoglFuge plaster is GECA certified thereby meeting environmental, human health and ethical impact criteria.


  • Atkar’s Au.diLine is the only product available in a metal substrate. Being metal, it has many benefits such as superior strength, non combustible, light weight and maintenance free. It is available in any colour.

  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an economical, strong and sturdy non-structural wood-based panel suitable for a diverse range of applications. Similar to plywood, OSB is available in a range of thicknesses and suitable for interior wall and ceiling lining, but has larger wood fibres then plywood giving it a different texture visually. A unique look can be achieved when stained causing greater contrasts of colour in the different fibres. Alternatively, OSB can be clear coated.


    *Plywood is not suitable for all perforation types. Contact Atkar for more information.

For more information, contact Atkar on 1300 333 833 or email enquiries@atkar.com.au