What is Inluxe ClearShield & ColourShield and how does it work?

Inluxe ClearShield as well as the coloured version Inluxe ColourShield, is an innovative antimicrobial technology that can be applied to a wide range of Atkar wall and ceiling panels, contributing to creating hygienic interior spaces and reducing the risk of surfaces contamination.

The protection last for the lifetime of the coating and it is an ideal add-on for acoustic and decorative lining specified in highly sensitive hygiene setting, like healthcare and aged care buildings, but also in the education sector and laboratories.

Certified Performance

Inluxe ClearShield finish protects wall and ceiling panels through a special coating, containing silver-based ingredients (silver-ion technology), known for their natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. If bacteria land on the coated surface, the bacteria can’t survive or grow, therefore reducing the cross-contamination risk.

The technology has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory, specialised in microbiology, according the JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196 standards, the most chosen and rigorous standards for antimicrobial and antifungal performance.

The test, conducted on samples of Atkar panels, measured the ability of Inluxe ClearShield protection to inhibit the growth of common bacteria, like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, over a 24h period of contact.

Antimicrobial protection without compromising aesthetic.

Inluxe ClearShield can be supplied in Matte, Satin or Gloss finish and allows to exploit the full range of Inluxe Veneer and Colour options (in the Inluxe ColourShield version).