Our new Acoustic Plaster Ceiling System. Vogl Toptec

We are excited to introduce a new innovative product straight from Germany – Vogl Toptec. This multi layered system is a new way to have a plaster ceiling that is monolithic and without any visible perforations, but still with the high acoustic properties you need for your project.

What is Vogl Toptec?

Vogl Toptec is a specialised acoustic plaster system, that gives a smooth surface without visible perforations. It’s the perfect solution for when you want a clean and contemporary look with acoustic benefits. Vogl Toptec is monolithic too, so you won’t see any joins – it’s a completely seamless look.

Where can Vogl Toptec be used?

The Vogl Toptec system is designed for large-scale commercial projects including museums, grand lobbies, and large function rooms. This monolithic acoustic plaster ceiling system is ideal for ceilings, it can also be installed on high areas of walls. Get in touch with our team to find out if this system will be suitable for your next project.

How does the system work?

The four layered system works together to create the look you want with the noise reduction properties you need. Vogl Toptec uses the following layers:

  1. Acoustic fleece (Pre-applied to Vogl Toptec panels)
  2. Vogl Toptec acoustic plaster system panels
  3. Plaster base fleece – Installed on site
  4. Acoustic Plaster – Installed on site

But don’t worry! Vogl Toptec is a complete system, so it includes all components for a seamless installation on site.

How does it the acoustic plaster look?

You have the choice of two different acoustic plaster types, Vogl Toptec Akustik Nano SF or Vogl Toptec Akustik Colour. Essentially, you can have the standard Nano colour or select the coloured plaster option. This gives you the choice of any pigment in the RAL colour chart. The options are endless!

How does the Acoustic Plaster installation work?

The fourth layer, the Acoustic Plaster Nano is sprayed on making installation much quicker and easier than a traditional application. This layer is machine applied to create a very fine surface texture gain size of 0.5 to 0.8mm. Using this installation method gives the smoothest possible finish without having to apply this manually.

Want to know more about installation? Read our Vogl Toptec installation specifications here.

What are the acoustic properties? 

All the acoustic magic all comes from the perforated board behind the Nano sprayed plaster. We offer a choice of two different perforated acoustic boards to meet the needs of your job.

1. Acoustic plaster system panel 8/18R (Acoustic fleece, black | 1188mm x 1998mm x 12.5mm)

2. Acoustic plaster system panel 12/5Q (Acoustic fleece, black and foil | 1200mm x 2000mm x 12.5mm)

Remember! The perforations won’t be visible using the Vogl Toptec system, so select the system panel that suits the acoustic requirements of your project. Our team are happy to assist you with the perfect board for you.

What are the benefits of using Vogl Toptec?

  • Monolithic finish

    A seamless plasterboard finish with acoustic properties so you don’t have to compromise on style.

  • Highly effective

    The four layered acoustic system provides excellent noise control without perforations.

  • Tried and tested

    German engineered complete system that’s been perfectly harmonised and tested, so you know it works.

  • Machine applied

    Vogl Toptec acoustic plaster is machine applied to create a very fine surface texture 0.5 to 0.8mm.

  • Unlimited colours

    Vogl TopTec is available in any colours in the RAL colour chart. The options are endless.

Vogl Toptec is the complete system you need to create a monolithic acoustic plaster ceiling and offers unparalleled reliability in terms of installation and performance.

Want to know more about Vogl Toptec? Our team is ready to answer any questions you have. Call us on 1300 333 833 or get in contact with us here.


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