Installing VoglFuge – watch our 3D Install Video


Like anything, when you do something different to what you have always done, you tend to be a bit cautious if it is worth the effort.

Most plasterers have been taught to use the traditional method when installing plasterboard acoustic ceilings, which includes priming, copious amounts of filler and vigorous sanding – all which equates to a lot of time and mess.

But like somethings in life, making the switch to a new product that has a different process is sometimes the best choice you can make to help save you time and be more efficient (remember your life before Smart Phones….)

We’re not saying that the VoglFuge System will completely change your life – BUT it is certainly a much more efficient and easier way to spend your day!

Instead of using messy compound filler on the joints, VoglFuge uses a unique joint tape and glue process that means less mess, less sanding, less drying time and maximum crack resistance. (Click here to read our article on all the key benefits of VoglFuge)

Atkar have also introduced a 67mm wide furring channel, which means you do not need to spent additional time doing double furring channels at the joints. We also recommend using the wider furring channel across the entire ceiling as it helps ensure a more reliable and straight ceiling.

To help eliminate some of the uncertainties around VoglFuge – we have put together a short video so you can see for yourself how easy it is to install VoglFuge.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our VoglFuge sales have significantly increased in the last 12 months, as our customers have tried it and never go back.

Atkar Group stock all the standard perforations and wider furring channel on site, so speak to us today for a quote for your next project.

Click here if you would like to find out more or get a quote on VoglFuge or please call our team on 1300 333 833 to discuss your requirements.


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