What Group Rating number do I really need?

As architects and designers, there is now even more pressure to ensure you are conforming with all the fire regulations included in the BCA – which can often be a mind field when you are also dealing with all other aspects of the project.

Stringent changes to how manufacturers can achieve a group rating have been significantly improved to ensure the products you are specifying are exactly what have been tested (click here to read our article on ‘What to look for when reading Fire Certificates). But at the end of the day, Group Ratings have been implemented for one main reason – to help saves lives in the event of a fire.

With the recent tragedies that have occurred, ensuring you have the right product to give occupants enough time to safely exit the building is critical. We have certainly noticed that our clients spend a lot of time and consideration to ensure that the products they are specifying are not only meeting their design vision but are also meeting the fire requirements for their projects building class and type.

What Group Rating does my wall or ceiling lining need to be anyway?

Do I always need a group 1 rating? What if I don’t have sprinklers?

We are asked these sorts of questions almost every day, as there is often a lot of confusion when reviewing the BCA and identifying the correct group rating for your project building class.

To help make life a little be easier – Atkar Group are excited to introduce our Wall & Ceiling Lining Materials Group Rating Calculator. Using the exact data from Table 3 – Wall & Ceiling Lining Materials as part of Specification c.1.10 of the BCA 2016 Vol 1, Amendment 1 – we have created a quick and easy to use tool that allows you to accurately find the group rating based on your project details.

Search by class number or building classification type and get the answer instantly.

Atkar Group are excited to be able to support the industry with this exciting new and useful tool.

Click here to use our calculator now.

If you have any enquiries around Group Rating then please contact our Architectural Team on 1300 333 833 or enquiries@atkar.com.au

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