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Atkar Group introduces new fire rated product – timber veneer aluminium batten & cladding system

Leading acoustic wall & ceiling manufacturer, Atkar Group, who have been working in the industry for over 70 years, have always been innovators in their field with a focus on meeting market requirements around fire compliance whilst offering aesthetically compelling solutions to fit the modern design brief.

Their newest product initiative is the introduction of DesignerWood Aluminium Veneer – a genuine timber veneer aluminium batten and cladding system. This exciting new product provides the warmth and charm that you can only get with genuine timber, yet also offers the fire compliance of aluminium.

DesignerWood Aluminium Veneer has a BCA Group 1 Fire Rating and is suitable to use where non-combustible materials are required in accordance with Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions C1.9(e)(v) of the 2019 BCA, making it suitable for internal Group 1 rated projects and external high-rise buildings.

Another exciting benefit of DesignerWood Aluminium Veneer is that it comes standard with a 2 piece click installation system in their batten range and a weatherproof interlocking system in the cladding range. DesignerWood Aluminium Veneer is suitable to use externally, however as you would expect with all genuine timber, some maintenance is required.

DesignerWood Aluminium Veneer is an addition to Atkar Group’s DesignerWood range. In September 2018 they introduced DesignerWood Aluminium Image, which is a photo-realistic timber wrap aluminium batten and plank system, which offers all the same fire and BCA compliance, however requires no maintenance.

“A key priority for Atkar Group before we introduce any new product is to consider it’s fire-compliance” says General Manager, Tom Devine. “Our current DesignerWood Aluminium Image batten has been very popular as the timber is very realistic, but designers and architects love real timber – so we undertook fire testing for a timber wrapped aluminium option and when we got the indication that it would receive a Group 1 rating, we knew it would be a great product for our customers” states Devine.

Atkar Group understand how important it is to ensure the correct Group Rated product is used in every application and work very closely with their clients to ensure that the product selected not only achieves their design vision but also meets the required fire compliance. Late last year Atkar introduced a Group Rating Calculator on their website to support Architects and to help them identify what Group Rating is required.

“Atkar Group now have a product solution to meet most project requirements. Use DesignerWood Aluminium Veneer internally or externally on lower levels where the timber can be visually seen and appreciated; and use DesignerWood Aluminium Image on higher levels where you do not have to worry about maintenance or recoating” continues Devine.

DesignerWood Veneer is no longer available – but please click here to view more on our DesignerWood Image range.


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