Fire compliant timber-look solutions for exteriors and interiors

Architects and building professionals are rushing to find fire compliant solutions that maintain the timber- look that they so highly desire. Atkar Group’s DesignerWood offers the ultimate solution, with photo-realistic timber-look finishes, plus the non-combustible compliance of aluminium and fibre cement, designers no longer need to compromise on design.

Our DesignerWood range can be utilised in so many ways. From cladding profiles, such as battens and planks, to internal feature walls and ceilings, DesignerWood is synonymous with creativity and innovation. With two options to choose from – DesignerWood Aluminium & DesignerWood FC, there is a timber-look solution to suit most project requirements.



For interiors, our DesignerWood range can provide stunning feature walls or ceilings, stylish finishes as well as helping add character to a specific space. For interior use, the clean, precise lines and designs that can be achieved, allow architects to create very desirable interiors. As more modern homes and buildings turn to open plans, the timber-look cladding and linings can also be great at helping to define spaces or articulate different zones.

To achieve a group rating that complies with the BCA, suppliers need to undergo fire testing in accordance to AS 5637. DesignerWood Aluminium is compliant for use and has a Group 1 Rating. DesignerWood FC is suitable to use where non-combustible materials are required in accordance with BCA provision C1.9 (e)(iv) and can be used wherever non-combustible materials are required, inlcuding Group Rating requirements.

If you require acoustics with your internal linings, that Atkar Group also have a large range of group rated timber-look alternatives. Click here to view our full range of timber-look acoustic linings.


For exteriors, DesignerWood offers architects a material that is durable, maintenance-free, and able to provide fire compliance to buildings. Cladding can often help create a building façade that helps define the true character of that building. Similarly, it can also be used to blend the building into the local surroundings.

Most external walls and attachments are required to be non-combustible for buildings greater than two or three storeys in height (depending on Classification). DesignerWood Aluminium and DesignerWood FC are both non-combustible and meets BCA Deemed to Satisfy Provision C1.9.


Regardless of whether you’re using DesignerWood for interior or exterior purposes, the way you can integrate it into a building is limitless. Some designers prefer vertical cladding, while others rather horizontal. DesignerWood is a material that allows for versatility to complement or add contrast to any project, with the added assurance of fire safety. Click here to view the DesignerWood range or contact our team today for a sample or quote.

If you have any enquiries on our DesignerWood range then please contact our Architectural Team on 1300 333 833 or

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