Boccaccio Cellars

Streamlined noise reduction within a bespoke Mediterranean deli and cellars.

project Boccaccio Cellars, Balwyn
architect Peter Harvey & Co
builder Circon Constructions
range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions
product Atkar Au.diSlat Ax20f finished with Inluxe Image American Walnut



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Refurbishment of an old building into a boutique new deli and cellars.


Not wanting to be characterised by the clamour of a typically noisy convenience store environment, acoustic absorption was imperative to balance the atmosphere and set Boccaccio Cellars apart as a boutique Mediterranean deli and liquor merchant.

Characterised by hard surfaces such as polished concrete, metal shelving, glass fridges and freezers, Atkar collaborated closely with Peter Harvey & Co to establish a unique upmarket feel.. The American Walnut finish adds a touch of warmth in striking contrast to the polished concrete floor to enhance the customer experience.

The Au.diSlat delivers a seamless flowing result with maximum flexibility enabling services and lights to be easily integrated. Thanks to our unique panelised design, Au.diSlat is quick to install.

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Download: Boccaccio Cellars case study

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