Freshwater Place Apartments

A peaceful indoor retreat designed to withstand the humidity of a poolside environment.

project Freshwater Place Apartments, Southbank
architect Bates Smart
builder Brookfield Multiplex
range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions
product Atkar Au.diVent AV4 with Integrated Acoustic Backing (IAB)
  • au.divent_freshwater-place,-southbank
  • Au.diVent_Freshwater_006
  • Au.diVent_Freshwater_008


Acoustic lining required to reduce reverberation in the aquatic arena of an upmarket high rise apartment building.


Collaborating closely with the Architect and Builder, Atkar prototyped a ceiling acclimatized to this demanding poolside environment.   Now, over a decade later, this ceiling still looks stunning and is a fantastic testimony to this durability of the product.

The fiber cement composition of the Au.diVent provides this ceiling with the capabilities to withstand the formidable moisture, humidity and chlorine inherent to a pool application. The panels were supplied raw and painted onsite.

Visually, the sleek slotted appearance of the Au.diVent portrays a high class image in this immaculately kept indoor retreat, whilst the effective use of the back lighting intentionally adds to the mood.

By implementing the Au.diVent, acoustic reverberation was successfully suppressed, creating an ostentatious sanctuary for the residents to relax in and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Download: Freshwater Place Apartments case study

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