Monash Caulfield Library

Four levels of functional and focused learning space shaping the learning paths of students.

project Monash Caulfield Library, Caulfield
architect John Wardle Architects
builder Hansen Yuncken
range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions Range
  • Au.diVoglFuge 12/25R
  • Au.diPanel AP250S/120 in 12mm plywood with a limed finish and low sheen clear coat.
  • Au.diStyle in 12mm plywood with a limed finish and low sheen clear coat.

The project brief

A responsive refurbishment of the Caulfield Library doubling the number of study seats, and segregating the four levels into different activity zones creating more efficient and functional spaces.

The solution

With the library being the epicentre of the campus and shaping the learning paths of students, a critical review of the functional and acoustic zoning was undertaken. Atkar collaborated closely with John Wardle Architects selecting a combination of acoustic solutions which were used across the four levels. Not only did this add more character to the 1970’s style building, but also ensures a functional and focused workspace flowing through the different zones.

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Download Case Study

Architel.TV recently completed a special feature on the Monash University Caulfield Library Refurbishment. This documentary showcases the transformation of the University Library into a light filled open structure at the heart of the Caulfield Campus. Project Architect Jasmin Williamson of John Wardle Architects discusses the project in depth.

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