One Flintoff Banyule City Council Offices

A complex integration of services without impacting acoustic performance.

project One Flintoff Banyule City Council Watermarc Civic Offices, Greensborough
architect Peddle Thorp Architects
builder Adco Constructions
range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions Range
product Atkar Au.diVoglFuge 8/18R and Atkar 16mm Au.diTile Galaxy finished with Inluxe™ Veneer Blackbutt and Satin Clear 2 pack polyurethane with Fineline edge and Integrated Acoustic Backing (IAB).
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-6
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-7
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-5
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-2
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-4
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-15
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-14
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-13
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-9
  • Au.diTile-Au.diBoard-VoglFuge-One-Flintoff-Banyule-City-Council-Office-Peddle-Thorp-12

The project brief

Banyule City Council designed their new office to bring staff together with a vision for a connected and effective workplace culture to attract, retain and develop the best talent.

The solution

To achieve this vision, a predominately open plan office was created with multiple flexible spaces to support varying work modes and promote collaboration. Two of Atkar’s products were used throughout to ensure maintenance of acoustic control in all situations. A complex system of services were skilfully integrated into the ceiling without disrupting the performance or aesthetics.

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