St John of God Hospital Berwick


project St John of God Hospital, Berwick
architect Silver Thomas Hanley (STH)
builder Hansen Yuncken
range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions Range
  • Au.diSlat Ax40F finished with Inluxe™ Image Tasmanian Oak
  • Custom Au.diSlat Ax40F in solid Tasmanian Oak
  • Au.diPanel FR MDF finished with Inluxe™ Image Tasmanian Oak
  • Au.diVoglFuge 8/15/20R


  • St-John-of-God-Hospital-Berwick-Au.diPanel_Au.diSlat_VoglFuge-STH-1
  • St-John-of-God-Hospital-Berwick-Au.diPanel_Au.diSlat_VoglFuge-STH-2
  • St-John-of-God-Hospital-Berwick-Au.diPanel_Au.diSlat_VoglFuge-STH-3
  • St-John-of-God-Hospital-Berwick-Au.diPanel_Au.diSlat_VoglFuge-STH-4
  • St-John-of-God-Hospital-Berwick-Au.diPanel_Au.diSlat_VoglFuge-STH-7
  • St-John-of-God-Hospital-Berwick-Au.diPanel_Au.diSlat_VoglFuge-STH-9
  • St-John-of-God-Hospital-Berwick-Au.diPanel_Au.diSlat_VoglFuge-STH-10

The Project Brief

A prestigious new hospital providing 210 beds, 8 operating theatres, the first Intensive Care Unit for the region and a comprehensive range of cardiac services.

The Solution

Atkar collaborated extensively with STH and Hansen Yuncken to coordinate and deliver over 35 individual ceilings across 5 levels of the hospital. The main entry features the SJOGH emblem carved into Atkar’s Au.diSlat, an entirely custom product resulting in a stunning visual impact. The Au.diSlat flows down the wall and seamlessly returns to form the corridor ceiling. Most importantly, these visually inspiring designs throughout the hospital play a critical role, bringing an acoustic balance to the atmosphere of a busy and sensitive environment.

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