Trinity College

Symmetrical acoustic performance with a simultaneous visual impact.

project Trinity College, Gateway Building, Parkville, Melbourne
architect McIldowie Partners
builder Kane Constructions
range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions Range
product Au.diPanel AP250D/90 in mismatched Blackwood Inluxe Veneer and Inluxe Colour satin clear finish; Au.diStyle in mismatched Blackwood Inluxe Veneer and Inluxe Colour satin clear finish, plywood in Inluxe Colour black satin finish; Au.diSlot AS11-25/80, Blackcore MDF with Inluxe Image white finish and Au.diMount PS3; Au.diSlat AX40F in Inluxe Image Spotted Gum finish.
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A new state of the art precinct at the University of Melbourne incorporating a 300 seat auditorium, 5 drama rooms, art gallery, music room and classrooms over 3 levels.


A truly unique project, this exceptional design features a combination of perforated and solid triangular timber panels creating a symmetrical wave like contrast rippling in warm tones. Custom folded 3D ceiling panels wrapping down onto the walls and flowing from the entrance and into the auditorium provide optimum acoustic performance with a simultaneous visual impact. The Blackwood veneer leaves were handpicked by McIldowie Partners then applied in a mismatched style to the panels. Having established a proven track record of achievement extending over many years, McIldowie Partners had confidence Atkar would be able to deliver on expectations and collaborated closely with Atkar to develop the design.

Extensive and complicated preliminaries including 3D shop drawings and a half scale prototype were produced by Atkar assuring confidence in design before proceeding. A very impressive result, Atkar is proud to have been part of this achievement which has taken 8 years of planning, design and construction to develop this stunning multipurpose building.

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