University Hospital Geelong

A sensitive environment where design and performance cohesion is crucial.

project University Hospital Geelong, Bellerine St, Geelong
architect Silver Thomas Hanley (STH)
builder Kane Constructions
range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions Range
product ICU & Expanded Acute Health Facility: Atkar Au.diSlot in Inluxe Image Tas Oak finish, Atkar Au.diVoglFuge;Supportive Care Clinic & Andrew Love Centre: Atkar Au.diSlot in Inluxe Image Tas Oak finish, Atkar Au.diStyle in Inluxe Image Tas Oak Finish, Atkar Au.diSlot in InluxeImage Hoop Pine finish, Atkar Au.diStyle in Inluxe Image Hoop Pine finish, Atkar Au.diVoglFuge.
  • geelong-hospital-uhg-supportive-care-centre_au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-1
  • university-hospital-geelong_au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-2
  • geelong-hospital-uhg-supportive-care-centre_au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-3
  • geelong-hospital-uhg-supportive-care-centre_au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-4
  • university-hospital-geelong_au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-3
  • university-hospital-geelong_au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-2
  • university-hospital-geelong_au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-1
  • university-hospital-geelong_au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-4
  • university-hospital-geelong-icu-au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-2
  • university-hospital-geelong-icu-au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-3
  • university-hospital-geelong-icu-au-dislot_au-distyle_au-diboard-voglfuge_sth-4


A critical hospital redevelopment and upgrade to sensitive patient care areas.


With the project brief to extend the hospital to accommodate more beds providing comfort and premium patient care, it was imperative privacy and noise obstruction was not compromised. Collaborating closely with STH, Atkar provided several acoustic solutions achieving the vital acoustic control needed in a highly sensitive environment. Rising to the challenge and meeting the stringent regulations typically associated with medical projects, the careful selection of Atkar products and materials ensured streamlined continuity in acoustic performance was maintained on all levels. The bright and colourful interior palate mingles harmoniously with the controlled and reassuring ambience.

Atkar provided shop drawings and manufactured the panels to special custom sizes including cut outs to integrate penetrations and other services.

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Download: University Hospital Geelong case study

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