Broadmeadows Children’s Court

Streamlined acoustics combined with a unique ceiling profile delivers precise results.

project Broadmeadows Children’s Court, Broadmeadows
architect Lyons Architects
builder Ireland Brown Constructions
range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions Range
  • Au.diBoard AB250D/100 supplied Raw with Integrated Acoustic Backing (IAB).
  • Au.diPanel FR AP250D/100 in Inluxe Image Spotted Gum finish with Integrated Acoustic Backing (IAB) and Au.diMount PS3 concealed fixing system.
  • Au.diSlat FR in Inluxe Veener Blackbutt with Inluxe Colour satin clear finish, Integrated Acoustic Backing (IAB) and Au.diMount PS3 concealed fixing system.
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-5
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-10
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-13
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-2
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-6
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-11
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-12
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-22
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-19
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-17
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-18
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-15
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-8
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-23
  • Au.diBoard-Au.diPanel.-Au.diSlat-Broadmeadows-Childrens-Court-Lyons-Architects-24

The project brief

The construction of a new courthouse to create a more welcoming and collaborative place for families and judicial staff.

The solution

With a number of different spaces including two courtrooms, meeting rooms, office space, chambers and a new combined entry foyer with the existing Magistrates’ Court, acoustics was an integral part of the design process. Being high traffic public areas, Lyons Architects collaborated closely with Atkar in selecting a combination of three different acoustic panel solutions to alternate between the different architectural ceilings forms. An impressive result!

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